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Jeet Kune Do (Martial Arts) Classes

Dancin' Dreams is now partnering with JKD Colorado and is offering Jeet Kune Do martial arts classes to kids and adults. Jeet Kune Do (JKD) was created by the late Bruce Lee and is continued at the Dancin' Dreams studio as it was taught directly to his private students.

To learn more about JKD Colorado, please visit jkdcolorado.com

Kids Classes NEW!

Kids classes are about discovering self-confidence, learning to respect others, developing coordination, and finally about understanding the realities of physical confrontation. More than a simple self-defense class, this is a self-discovery class and our primary goal is to teach how to overcome your toughest opponent... yourself.

For both both boys and girls, classes are age-appropriate and exciting. Younger kids will enjoy playing games that teach skills while having fun. Older kids will be introduced to more physically-demanding drills and given the opportunity to assist younger students and share their experience. For kids classes, physical contact will be limited to punching and kicking pads and there will be no sparring.

Parents are welcome to enroll in class with their kids!

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